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Blue Hippo Tang (2-3”)

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Paracanthurus hepatus


Also known as the "regal tang", "blue tang", and of course, "Dory". This beautiful fish is royal blue, with a black palette pattern on the side and a yellow tail. Of the thousands of fish available to the trade, this is one of the most popular of them all! It can be shy, especially when first introduced to the aquarium, and should be provided with branching corals or some other suitable shelter sites. This tang will lie on is side (often startling those unaware of it's behavior) if it cannot find a suitable hiding place, or when first introduced into the aquarium. This species is usually more docile than many other Surgeonfishes, and gets along great in a peaceful community tank or reef. Juveniles can be kept in the same tank, but adults often quarrel, unless the tank is very large and they are introduced together.

A 75 gallon tank minimum, is suitable when small.
Eventually, they would do best in a 125 or larger.


(5 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by andrew pesco on Nov 7th 2022

    Fantastic quality active good eater

  • 4
    Healthy, after a little spell

    Posted by Larry Weller on Jan 18th 2021

    Got him back in June, he ended up having bad ich, but that’s seems to be the case with many a blue tang. After quarantining and watching him closely he recovered, and has been doing well ever since. Probably one of the best eaters I have. Definitely has more personality than any other fish I have.

  • 5
    Hippo tang

    Posted by Unknown on May 26th 2020

    Picked up a nice health big hippo from NY Aquatic. Swimming around like he owns the place. Hahah

  • 5
    Very Happy

    Posted by Steve on May 25th 2020

    Good looking fish well packaged and on time.

  • 5

    Posted by Diane on Dec 14th 2016

    I received this fish in great health and vigor. He is quite full personality and eating like a champ. Highly recommended!