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Blue Line Angel | Chaetodontoplus Septentrionalis (4-5” captive bred)

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Blue Line Angel | Chaetodontoplus Septentrionalis-General Information

Blue Line Angel | Chaetodontoplus Septentrionalis, are in many ways the perfect aquarium angel-hardy, easy to acclimate, and stunning. The only downside is their extreme rarity, and the price that goes with it. Like all large angels, the require 125 gal minimum please.  They are relatively non-aggressive, so do well with other large angels, as long as their tankmates are not too aggressive.  They are often kept in reef tanks, but should only be done with caution.

Blue Line Angel | Chaetodontoplus Septentrionalis-Feeding

Like all large angels, Blue Line Angel | Chaetodontoplus Septentrionalis, do best in an established tank with plenty of live rock to graze on.  Their diet should include lots of vegetable matter (nori, spirulina) as well as sponge (frozen angelfish preparations) and mysis.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review