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Borbonius Anthias | Odontanthias Borbonius (1-1 1/2")

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Borbonius Anthias (Odontanthias Borbonius)  

Borbonius Anthias (odontanthias borbonius) also known as Blotchy Anthias or Blotched Seaperch, are super rare anthias and are almost never available. They are spectacularly colored. If you are interested in rare anthias, you better grab one of these Borbonius Anthias whenever they come in. 

Borbonius Anthias (odontanthias borbonius) are a seasonal item.  Typically, the arrive mid December and are available, albeit never enough, until February or March.  Once they're gone, they're gone until next year!

Caring for your Borbonius Anthias (Odontanthia Borbonius) 

Like all anthias, Borbonius Anthias (odontanthias borbonius) should ideally be fed  several times a day. 
Also like all anthias, they are totally reef safe. 

They can be kept singularly, or in groups, if added together.  But, unlike most anthias, Borbonius Anthias (odontanthias borbonius) do not school. 

Are Borbonius Anthias (odontanthias borbonius) compatible with my other fish? 

Generally, Borbonius Anthias (odontanthias borbonius)  do well with any non-aggressive tank mates.  If you're unsure, please call or email.  We want a happy marriage as much as you do.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review