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Passer Angel (Holacanthus passer) (6-7")

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Passer Angel (Holacanthus passer)

The Passer Angel (Holacanthus passer) is also referred to as the King Angelfish. It hales from the Gulf of Mexico.  It is considered to be one of the hardiest of all angelfish.  They are a truly striking fish.

Tank Requirements for Passer Angels (Holacanthus passer)-

The Passer Angelfish can grow to over a foot in length in the wild, close to that in captivity, so it requires at least a 100-gallon aquarium, preferably larger. While they are very hardy, they can also be very aggressive, especially towards other angels.  Unless your tank is very large (500 gal+), we do not recommend attempting to keep Passer Angels (Holacanthus passer) with other large angels.

So what's the ideal tank for them?  Either a large community tank, or large aggressive tank.  Passer Angels (Holacanthus passer) are hardy and aggressive enough to hold their own in an aggressive tank (triggers, puffers, groupers, etc).

What to feed your Passer Angel (Holacanthus passer)?

The diet of the Passer Angel (Holacanthus passer) should include a wide variety of plant and meaty items. Like all angels, they require sponge to maintain their long-term health.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review