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Store Policies



If, for any reason, your new purchase arrives DOA, simply notify us within 2 hours, via email, of the loss.  Please include a digital photo of the specimen, out of water, on a piece of paper.  Do not discard item until instructed by us to do so.

Also include any pertinent information (package condition, water temp, etc).  Finally, let us know if you'd like the cost of the item refunded or kept as a credit on a future order.  Shipping costs are not included in the guarantee, nor are free/replacement items.


If your newly arrived livestock does not survive to the 14th day from day of arrival (arrival day is day 1), please contact us via email immediately.  Please include a digital photograph of the specimen, out of water, on a piece of paper.  The photograph is necessary to receive credit.  Do not discard item until instructed by us. 

We will gladly offer store credit for the amount you paid for the item to be used on a future order.  Shipping costs are not included, and this 14 day guarantee carries the following conditions:

Certain livestock is designated as "restricted-expert only".  These items come with a live arrival guarantee only.  Their special care needs do not allow us to offer the 14 day guarantee.  

These ineligible items include: 

  • ·    Leopard and tamarin wrasses
  • ·    Purple queen anthias
  • ·    Clarion angels
  • ·    Cleaner shrimp
  • ·    Venustus angels
  • ·    Colini angels
  •      Conspiculatus Angels
  • ·    Fowler tangs
  • ·    Rhinopias
  •      Pelagic Puffers
  •      Regal Angels
  •      Interruptus Angels
  •      Flame Wrasses
  •      Sharks & Rays
  •      Larvatus Butterflies
  •      White Face (Mesoleucos) Butterflies
  •      Mandarins
  •      Ventralis Anthias
  •      Diamond Tail Flasher Wrasses
  •      Narcosis Angels
  •      Peppermint Angels
  •      Tiger Angels
  •     Gem Tangs
  •     Borbonius Anthias
  •     Oreni Tilefish
  •     Chameleon Tilefish
  •     Madagascar Flasher Wrasse
  •     Corals & Anemones
  •     Wrought Iron Butterfly 

·    Livestock must be kept in a suitable aquarium. 

Use of Tank Transfer Method (TTM) Voids 14 day guarantee

·    Livestock that has been visibly damaged due to conflict in your tank is not covered. 
·    Free/replacement items are not covered. 
·    Shipping costs are not included. 
·    Our 14 day guarantee applies to retail price purchases only.

·    Failure  to accept  package on first delivery attempt by Fedex voids both Live Arrival and 14 Day Guarantee.