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Imperator Angelfish-Juv (4")

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Pomacanthus Imperator


It is also known as the Imperator Angel or the Emperor Angel. It is truly one of the more regal aquarium fish. Found in the Indo-Pacific, this Angel is moderately hardy in the aquarium, though some larger specimens may be difficult to get to eat prepared foods. Juveniles usually take to a varied diet of vegetable and meaty foods. To ensure the Angel retains its vivid colors, you should offer a vitamin supplement with the foods. We recommend either Zoecon or Selcon. Growing to fairly large 15 inches in length, this Angel requires a lot of swimming space. It can be kept with Small-Polyped Stony Corals, but is generally not considered "reef safe". While not shy, it should be provided with caves in which to retreat. The adult coloration with its eye-mask and blue/yellow striping is striking. The transormation from juvenile to adult is fun to watch.


(5 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Nice and healthy fish

    Posted by Du Nguyen on Mar 21st 2019

    The fish is big and healthy.

  • 5
    Beautiful Fish

    Posted by Michael Leviski on Sep 13th 2018

    Fish was beautiful right out of the box, ate the first night and was larger than described. Couldn't find one local to me this nice for even 2x the price.

  • 4
    Good fish

    Posted by kevin rinearson on Oct 24th 2017

    Good fish no problems

  • 5

    Posted by Diane on Dec 14th 2016

    Arrived healthy and acclimated well. Started eating right away and doing well. Great seller!!

  • 5
    Amazing Quality

    Posted by chris Passenti on Dec 14th 2015

    Ordered a 3" Juv and was pleasantly surprised with a 4"+ Juv just starting to change. He ate the next morning and has not stopped cruzing the tank since day 1. No signs of stress and is a perfect specimen. This is nothing like what is available to me at the local "brick and mortar" stores in my area. 6 Stars